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Forget rules! Projectme’s 1/19 collection breaks them all in spirited style.

Forget rules! Projectme’s 1/19 collection breaks them all in spirited style.

Projectme’s 1/19 'The Gypsy Collective' is a follow up to our introductory collection 'Shine A Light', which brought bold contemporary shapes and styling to maternity wear for a new generation of go get ‘em mums. Our second statement collection refuses to oblige with the typical mumsy attire and serves up a strong, fresh colour palette influenced by Mediterranean tan lines, festival style make up, bold graphic prints, lady gaga hi waists and punchy pick-me-up brights.

The collection introduces pale, yet fresh skin tones that take porcelain to a whole new level. It’s time to embrace the pale and wear it with pride. Think of ‘porcelain’ like that of a porcelain doll with flawless skin and angelic embodiment, in other words feel the beauty of wearing chic lingerie that Gigi Hadid would be proud of.

Disrupting motherhood and breaking rules is what we do best, so instead of playing it safe, we’ve mixed colours like a child in preschool to create an array of colour even the rainbow would be jealous of! Burnt oranges with hibiscus pinks and maroons, as well as hot chilli orange.

As we’ve all seen, the high waisted brief is no longer something to hide away in grandmas drawer and we couldn’t agree more. Wearing high waisted underwear is like giving your body a giant hug. The super easy to wear brief gives your post-birth body a non-surgical lift and is perfect under your high waisted jeans. If you haven’t yet tried a pair of these, make it your goal this week!

The Gypsy Collective rolls out in store and online from February 2019.

Have fun mamas xxx


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